Our Design Process

At Stu Martin Joinery, we understand how important getting your design `just right` can be. That is why we have developed our design and quotation service to give you the piece of mind that with a bit of hard work and thought up front, your dream really can come alive with the minimum of fuss.

Intial Consultation

In the instance that you are building a new home, we ask you to make a time to come and visit us at our showroom with a set of your plans. If you are renovating your existing home, we will confirm an appointment to meet you at your home to get an understanding and feel of the space we have to work with. We look closely at all your ideas, wants and needs are discussed during the consultation and we then turn the information into a concept drawing.

Concept Drawing

On the completion of your concept drawing, we will contact you to make an appointment to go over your design. We know almost nobody gets the design `just right’ on the first run through, that is just human nature. The little details become apparent, `do I really want the fridge there? etc., etc. We can discuss any changes you maybe wanting to make and answer any questions you may have. At this time we can indicate a likely price range for your design based on your preferences. 

Fine Tuning and Quotation

Having made the changes to your design to suit your amendments list, we will meet with you to discuss the detailed quotation based on the revised design.


When you agree to go ahead and pay your deposit we’ll ask you along to our showroom and go through the detailed plans and quotation for your project, tweak any last-minute details and update the quote if required.  If you are not quite ready to proceed, but would like a full set of plans then an initial fee of $350 is payable to receive your detailed plans. The good news is this amount is fully refundable when you book in your project with us; SMJ will deduct the initial fee paid from your deposit.

 Any further changes to your plans after the fine tuning will be charged out at an hourly rate.